News > Help 'Bo Rhap' to stay at n) 1 in Belgium!!!

Added on 09-Nov-2002

Every year there's a top 2000 poll at the Belgian radio station 'radio Donna'. Bohemian Rhapsody was voted n°1 for the last 11 years. But the radio Donna calls up to not-vote for Queen, because it's getting boring, as they say. Will we let this happen, no , of course not. Go to en in the middle of the page you can see 'STEM NU' , what means 'vote now'. Click on it. After that, go the the list of songs by artist (in dutch: "lijst volgens artiest") and pick up your favoite Queen songs. You can hear the whole top between 25 and 31 december. Thank you very much for your support.

Ps: excuse me for my poor english, I'll work on it.

Submitted by: buffalo

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