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Added on 09-May-2001

As some of you may know, "Flash Gordon" has gone out-of-print on the DVD format in America. The movie was originally released by Image who had licensed it from Universal Studios. All Image releases were 'movie only' discs and a few months ago had slashed prices on all their titles (the other movies were also licensed from Universal) which resulted in a lawsuit.Now the licensing agreement has expired and the rights to all of those films have reverted *back* to Universal Studios.

Universal is now looking into re-issuing the titles and giving some of them "special edition" treatment.

Now is your chance to write Universal Studios and ask them to give "Flash Gordon" (with it's fantastic Queen soundtrack) a "special edition" release.

You can write them at;

Universal Studios

10 Universal City Plaza

Universal City, CA 91608

Submitted by: unknown soldier

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