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Added on 16-Apr-2002

The new Highlander DVD, the Immortal Edition, has it's positive and negative sides. Here's an explanation: Positive:

Bright Clear picture of the movie

Great DTS soundtrack!

Very detailed Bio's

Extra audio CD with unreleased version of Queen song (One Year of Love extended)

Nice package with double dvd case inside a metal cover.

Great picture gallery with MANY photo's of the movie.

Very interesting Directors commentary!


Sometime you see the grain from the negatives in the movie

Only 3 Bio's!

The 3 Queen video's are only in Dolby Digital 2.0

The 3 Queen video's seem not remastered and taken straight from a mastercopy.

(you can even hear the last few secs of "the show must go on" when you start the 'magic' video!!!)

Queen picture gallery is kinda small.

Only 2 movie trailers?

No "making of..."

Overall conclusion:

This new release of HL could have been done better, it's ok, but I don't find it spectacular

because it missed for instance a "making of highlander" and the Queen video's are not remastered

and remixed. Though finally in DTS and with better picture quality, the movie still shows grain

and I wonder if there isn't a way to get rid of that.

It's a nice collectors item for Highlander fans and Queen fans though.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I would grade this DVD with a 7.5, the extra .5 point

because of the extra's and package. With the negative points which I mentioned

corrected, this dvd though would've deserved a 9.

Greetz, Freddie v.t.Beek


Submitted by: proton

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