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Added on 14-Nov-2006

Nice Report on Freddie and AIDS from a college newspaper, University of North Carolina. Nov. 24, 1991 was the day that Freddie Mercury, front man of the insanely successful rock band Queen, succumbed to AIDS after a reported four-year battle with the HIV virus. Each year on the anniversary of this shocking loss, millions of people all over the world (including yours truly) light candles, observe moments of silence, and partake in more personal rituals to honor and remember Freddie.

Because his life's work has had such a huge impact on me, I decided years ago to show tribute to Mr. Mercury through activism in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Since then, I've donated time and money to several great organizations that are just as passionate as me about stopping this horrible virus. I've also made it my duty to use writing as a means of getting the word out on awareness and prevention, and this makes my third annual column for The Carolinian on this topic.

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