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Lakeside Rendezvous at the Balaton 18-20.07.2008 www.queenconvention.atw.huThe Hungarian Queen Fan Club invites you to an easy Queen week(end) at the Balaton (the biggest lake in Europe!) to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Queen Camp, from 14th to 20th of July! This unique event of the world has been taking place at a small village called Balatonszemes, since 1993! This year's program includes a Queen Fan Convention on the weekend (from 18th to 20th of July). We’ll give you crazy performances! Water games, outdoor & indoor games, sports, exhibition, etc. And we will give you rock a la carte: Unplugged & string concerts, karaoke, party, etc. International performers! Just take a look at the menu!

Let us entertain you!

Let us cling together!


18th of July (Friday)

19.00 Welcome drink

19.30 Opening speech

20.00 Multimedia performance

21.00 Queen Unplugged Project concert

22.30-01.00 Disco + Raffle + Karaoke

19th of July (Saturday)

10.00-19.00 Video + Exhibition + Quiz

19.30 Prize presentation

20.00 Bohemian Quartet concert

21.00 Peter Freestone talk-show

22.00 Jan Vytasek with guests concert

23.00-01.00 Disco + Raffle + Karaoke + Surprise

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