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Added on 28-Sep-2001

The Munich Planetariums website has released some details about the forthcoming Queen Multimedia Laser show:Taken from

A new spectacular music and laser show is designed to take place in the

Munich planetarium before the end of the year 2001. Ten years after

Freddie Mercury's death the global hits by the legendary group "Queen"

will be presented in a new dimension.

The 60 minute multimedia show includes the many mega hits by Queen and

a lot of surprises and even world premieres. Right now Brian May is

working with the producers to decide on the setlist and the arrangement

of the show. "For me the Munich planetarium does not only have the most

beautiful starry sky but also the biggest creative potential. I am

fascinated by the idea to produce a planetarium show using Queen

material, because

astronomy has always been my hobby and I studied astrophysics" says

Brian May who is looking forward to the cooperation.

For more than two decades the British rock band "Queen" dominated the

international popular music. And even ten years after the death of their

eccentric lead singer Freddie Mercury, Queen music still has an impact

on today's music world. The idea to create a planetarium show around the

successful Queen catalogue is not new. But only recently the team

succeeded in winning the band's approval. Within the next weeks a


multimedia show based on the comprehensive Queen music-, picture-, and

video archives will be created.

The music and lasershows in the technical forum of the Munich

planetarium are unique. Latest state-of-the-art multi media technology

allow for the "melting" of the show elements. The audience will see a

unique symbiosis of music elements, laser, panorama and video

sequences, and projections through the whole dome. However it's not

only technology that is important, but also the input of the production

team. Musicians, director, laser and

multi media programming team, computer animation and graphical art

specialists work together to create the unusual show from the selected

visual and sound material to be presented in the 20 metre diameter 360°


Since the opening in 1993 various music and laser shows have been

produced and shown to large enthused audiences: for example the "Pink

Floyd laser show", "LaserMagic", "Startime", "Snap Lasershow",

"LaserMania", HardtranceMania", "Peter Maffay- encounters", "Yello -

Pocket Universe" etc

The new multimedia show is scheduled to be presented twice a day in the

planetarium beginning 13th December 2001. Tickets will be on sale 15th

October 2001.

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