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Added on 02-Sep-2000

Due to a major blunder some tracks from the Freddie box set were available to listen to online.However it would seem that somebody noticed their major error. The links to the tracks no longer work.

The rare tracks that were availble to hear online were.

The Golden Boy (early version)

Very interesting. The lyrics and structure to the song are VERY different to the version we all know. It is sung just by Freddie.

Rachmaninov's Revenge (Early Version)

This actually becomes 'The Fallen Priest' but in this form it does not sound much like it. Again just song by Freddie and very interesting to hear.

Yellow Breezes (Demo)

Sounds like this could have been recorded around the 'Mr Bad Guy' period. Not many lyrics but lots of Freddie playing the piano. Lasts for over 5 minutes.

Mr Bad Guy (Instrumental)

It is exactly as it says. Sounds like an orchestra on this though.

Foolin Around (Inustrumental)

Again just an instrumental of the song.

La Japonaise (Early Version: Demo Vocal)

Not as different from the final version as the other 'Barcelona' tracks but still very different. Once again it is sung just by Freddie.

God Is Heavy (Demo)

Sounds like it was recorded around the 'Mr Bad Guy' period again. More interesting stuff.

Time (Instrumental)

It is just what it says it is.

Submitted by: PieterMC

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