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Added on 07-Jun-2007

The band coverQUEEN, granted an exclusive interview for the Lady Taylor, of the site In briefing, we will be publishing it also in the Portuguese language.Questions:

1- How did the band start?? Tell US a bit about it.

Frederick Caramia (vocalist) : As we are Queen fans for a long time, we decided in 2005 to create CoverQueen with my brother Alexandre. Our goal is to celebrate the mythical band Queen, not pretending to be them.

2- To the vocalist, what is like to "replace" Freddie Mercury?

Frederick Caramia (vocalist) : I WILL NEVER REPLACE FREDDIE MERCURY !!!! He’s unique. However, singing Queen’ s songs on stage is for me « a kind of magic ».

3- Has any of you already had another band, or played another kind of music?

Frederick Caramia (Vocalist) : In CoverQueen, every one of us has a very different past and approach of music. I’m a tenor opera singer and a rock singer. I used to sing in differents projects. I play guitar and piano in other bands. I was singer and pianist of the rock/metal band “Feeling Machine”. I’m also a music composer and prepare my album.

Alexandre caramia (Drummer and backing vocals) : I am a film music composer and singer / composer of a rock/metal symphonic band.

Adrien Husson (Guitarist and backing vocals) : I've got two other bands. JNOUN is my hip hop metal fusion band and in the other one I accompany NAJA, a hip hop artist. I play jazz music too, with different instrumentalist sand singers.

Morgan Michaud (bassist and backing vocals): I used to play death metal, hardcore, funk, Rythm and blues and gypsy jazz.

Eddy Pero (keyboards and back vocals) : In my actual band called "Icar", I'm the singer-guitarist-keyboardist and I compose in a funky-rock style. I’ve been composing classical music and electronic music for theatre and TV since ten years.

4- We would like to know how the guitarist and the drummer feel knowing that

Their idols (Brian e Roger) are still Playing... Have you already met them,

Or been to a concert?

Adrien Husson (Guitarist and backing vocals) : I love Brian May’s sound. His guitar sounds different from the others guitarists. Unfortunately, I’ve never met him.

Alexandre caramia (Drummer and backing vocals) : I love those musicians !!!! I’m a Roger Taylor fan. Unfortunately, I’ve never met them. The only Queen show I saw was during the tour with Paul Rodgers, in Paris.

Eddy Pero (keyboards and back vocals) I had the chance to meet Brian May after a show he did in France in 1999 but it was a bit short to have a music talk ! Brian gave me an autograph and a little tap on the back !

5- In your opinion, which Queen song is the most difficult to play?

Frederick Caramia (Vocalist) : I sing all Queen songs in the original tune and technically, the hardest ones for me are « the show must go on » and « princes of the universe ». I sing these songs live. Actually, the most difficult thing is to sing the high notes and moving my body in the same time.

Eddy PERO (keyboards and back vocals) : There's always technical difficulties in Queen songs, but it's not the greatest pitfall. Queen can blend rock energy and eccentricity to opera drama and no other band did it –or do it nowadays. At one moment you're excited by their songs, at another moment you have the tears filling to your eyes. Being sincere and giving yourself till the point you're beside the audience to joy and emotion is the hardest thing ! In this point of view, each song deserves a lot of work and commitment when you humbly try to reach Queen’s magic.

6- Which Queen song is the best for each of you?

Frederick Caramia (Vocalist) : “The show must go on”, “Too much love will kill you”, “a Winter’s tale” , “Somebody to love”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “It’s late”, “Love of my life”.

Alexandre caramia (Drummer and backing vocals) :To me, all Queen songs can be qualified as “the best” but if I must make a choice, I’d say : “Somebody to love”.

Adrien Husson (Guitarist and backing vocals) : “A kind of magic”, “Hammer to

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