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Added on 27-May-2010

The lyrics to Queen's 1989 single "The Invisible Man" are forthright. Freddie Mercury is an invisible man, QED. The music video is more ambiguous; a supernaturally powered Queen holds an unwitting family hostage. It's like Tron meets Ghostbusters, only better.

How awesome is the music video for "The Invisible Man"? Let's just say that if there was a machine that could quantify awesomeness, this machine would be built of dinosaur bones and powered by the inchoate yalps of happy babies. Here's the music video - we'll dissect its scenes and themes below.

The video opens with a bolt of lightning striking a nondescript suburban home. This symbol has two possible meanings - A.) it's a usage of the common science fiction trope that lightning = artificial life, à la Mary Shelley's Frankenstein or B.) it designates Freddie Mercury as the monster depicted in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. I'm not sure which.

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