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Added on 25-Nov-2006

The heartfelt Italian tribute-book 'Freddie Mercury ...From Zanzibar To Logan Place' the author proudly announces its release, yesterday, right on 24 November!For now Linda's book is only available in the Italian edition, however some messages and significant lines left in English.

Book that pays a sincere tribute to Linda's HERO has 280 pages in six chapters.Included is Linda's personal Freddie/Queen three-part diary. Inside: B/W. Price 12.00 euros.Colour jacket:Jenn Waitt(USA)helped with that and some amazing drawings!

The project started in 1995.Many Freddie fans have contributed to it.Linda wishes to thank all for thier support.

Part of the proceeds to MPT.

For Italian Freddie fans (or who reads Italian):further information log on to the following two sites; is Linda's. for purchase online is Linda's Publisher.(double click on the book image).

Destiny seemed that Linda would sign the 'Editorial Contract' 5th September. It was released on 24 November; These two most signficant dates were out of her hands and those of her publsher.It was due out for End October but...

For any questions Linda will attend the 17th We Will Rock You fan club Italian Convention Saturday 25 November.Milan.

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