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Added on 08-Oct-2000

Reports in scandanavian newspapers have suggested Norwegian singer Jan Werner Danielsen may front Queen.Jan Werner Danielsen is a norwegian singer who became known when he first performed in the eurovision some years ago, and has been

a big singer in Norway after that. He has good vocals, and sings a lot of different kind of music.

Dagbladet, a Norwegian newspaper ( reported the following:

Jan Werner Danielsen can confirm that he might take on the responsibility of lead vocalist after Freddie Mercury, the 23 year old have been contacted by the people behind Queen. also reported that:

I can confirm it has been talked about, but nothing is of now decided, Danielsen says thru his spokes person.

- There has been no direct [person to person] contact between Queen and Jan Werner, but he has recived a request [via management] says his assistent Stine Myrholen to

After Freddie Mercury died of AIDS in 1991, several artists have performed as guest vocalist in the world famous band, Annie Lennox, George Michael, David Bowie and the Boyband Five, have all froted Queen. This summer Robbie Williams Mentioned an interest, but nothing happened with this.

The members of the band have always said noone could replace Freddie, but they are open for a new vocalist. There has never been talk about ending the band, writes.

Thanks to Robert Haugen for this information + translation

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