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Added on 25-Feb-2006

'Suzie Rotten' is a Queen fan!(KP International) After three years of searching for her birth family, Janet Small, a woman from the south of Wales who was adopted as a child, has discovered she has some half-siblings and one of them is none other than former Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten.

"It was a shock to find he was famous," said Small about her newly found half-brother. "I realized straightaway it was going to make things much harder.

Small discovered their alleged mutual mother, Eileen, had an affair with a barman out of wedlock and gave her up for adoption the year before she married Lydon's father.

Ironically, Small has never been a fan of the punk music genre. "I was sent to convent school so I suppose I was a bit of a snob," said Small. "I always thought [punk rockers] were so ill-mannered. Their music never appealed to me. I was a big Queen fan and was into Tamla-Motown.

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