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Added on 03-Jul-2006

Nice Queen reference in a recent story about British Actress Kate Beckinsale.KATE BECKINSALE is thrilled her seven-year-old daughter is so well-adjusted and happy, because she was such an emotional mess at the same age. The UNDERWORLD star lost her father when she was young and had to go into intensive therapy after developing a severe eating disorder. She explains, "I was a much more messed-up little kid than she is. I was already a total nightmare by the time I was seven. "LILY goes to a school for gifted children, which sticks in my throat slightly, because I've always thought that parents who send their kids to schools for gifted children surely must be a**holes. "But she's a smart cookie. She can work her iPod better than I can work mine. "Her favourite singer right now is GWEN STEFANI. But she's also completely into QUEEN. I think that's a sign that she's been raised right!"


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