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Added on 24-Jul-2004

Singing sensation Katie Melua has professed her love for all things Queen.Metro

Friday July 23rd 2004

Q: You've previously cited Queen as an influence but I can't hear much of them in your songs.

KM: Whatever music you listen to will come out of you in some way. Queen songs were so amazing - their arrangements are really complicated but their songs still sound great if you strip them down to just a vocal and an acoustic guitar. That's a value I took to my record. I wasn't worried whether it was blues, jazz, pop or whatever - I wanted lyrics and melodies that would still be amazing when I sung them raw

Katie also mentioned Queen yesterday in The Independent piece 'The World According to...'

Q: Who was your childhood hero?

KM: Freddie Mercury. I grew up in Georgia listening to Queen, because my uncles always played their records. It was seeing Freddie on stage in the pirated videos we got in Georgia (especially Live Aid) that inspired me to take up a career in music, although I decided to do with out the spandex costumes.


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