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Added on 27-May-2012

May, 18th, 2012: Kerry Ellis performs in Italy: the dream has come true…

Only a few months ago (three months after Brian and Kerry’s performance in Sanremo on 16th February) it would have been crazy to even think to have a star such as Kerry Ellis performing in Italy. However the professional and talented band “Killer Queen”,  a well-known and much appreciated group of musicians from Florence, an idea was taking shape: bringing her to Italy to perform with them! They would pay tribute to the immortal Queen music together with her, the British star of musical and singing partner of Brian May, in a suggestive location in “their “ Florence and for the first time in our country, they would play some hits from the album “Anthems”.

It was an ambitious project, but a wonderful team-work and a stronger and stronger boost made the dream come true on 18th May, at Obihall , in Florence.

The process of organizing the concert was hard but stimulating and the secret of its success was both  the determination and modesty of every single member of the band and  the support from the guys running and, last but not least, from all the friends who believed  in our adventure. Of course we had our deterrents and obstacles, but determination and friendship won them all and  the event, that we hope will remain in the hearts of all the (about )1,000 people attending the show,  was organized professionally and enthusiastically!

Let me underline the most important thing this experience brought along: the immense emotional baggage Kerry left us : her availability, her smile… Working with her was like having fun with a friend with  a sunny  and strong disposition that  marked every moment of her Italian experience. There was feeling with her right from the start. Everything was so natural and magic: from the rehearsals to our downtimes, from the official interviews to our eating good Italian food together with her wonderful family: a magic mix of work and relax we are sure she will keep in her heart forever.

We parted with the promise of repeating the experience, starting new and more ambitious projects . 

We like to think this successful event is only the starting point on our way to have Kerry Ellis with Brian May in Italy and now we feel our goal is not that far!

Here’s the report of the night: the show was basically divided into three parts:

1) Killer Queen performed Queen’s Tie You Mother Down, Headlong, Fat Bottomed Girls, A Kind Of Magic, Death on Two Legs, Another One Bites The Dust, I Want To Break Free, Innuendo, These Are The Days Of Our Lives, The Show Must Go On.

2) Kerry Ellis was introduced and opened with a wonderful Dangerland, followed by 

I Am Not That Girl, I Love It When You Call, Save Me, No One But You, Defying Gravity, Crazy Little Thing Called Love and an emotional version of Bohemian Rhapsody, joined in its final part (after the operistic part) by Raffaele Lombardi, vocalist of Killer Queen, in an amazing duet. After that Who Wants To Live Forever turned into a duet as well.

Then Killer Queen performed I Want It All with a special guest: Marta Rossi (former Scaramouche in the Italian version of the musical We Will Rock You and singer of an Italian version of Brian May’s We believe) and finally Hammer To Fall, Don’t Stop Me Now and Radio Ga Ga.

3) Encore: Kerry Ellis sang Somebody To Love with such a powerful voice that both the loudspeakers and the people’s ears were at a serious risk! The audience thanked Kerry with a neverending standing ovation. Three more duets (Under Pressure, We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions) closed the show.

The audience was fantastic: they jumped, danced,  sang along and when they didn’t know the lyrics, they showed their appreciation with long hand-clapping and standing ovations. The show was an absolute success: Kerry has definitely won Italian people’s hearts after her “first time” in Sanremo, three months ago!

Special thanks to: Kerry Ellis and Killer Queen of course, to Raffaella Rolla for being always so professional and dedicated, to Brian May, to Queen Productions Ltd., to Queenonline, to Queenworld and to (who supported our project trusting the band and the people involved in it knowing they had the necessary credits for such an event) and thanks to all the people who helped us and who believed in us!

Kerry, you rock!

We’re looking forward to having you back here for more gigs . Italy loves you !!

Luca Navacchia –

Submitted by: Queenzone Ghost

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