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Added on 10-Aug-2005

''Killer Queen'' Review On Chartattack.comHere's a brief review of ''Killer Queen A Tribute To Queen'' from

''One of the more unusual compilations to be released in a long time is ''Killer Queen, A Tribute To Queen''. This record is filled with Queen songs, which should be a good thing, but like the reunited Queen, this is far from the real deal. Killer Queen features Sum 41 doing the title track, Jason Mraz covering ''Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy,'' Joss Stone tackling ''Under Pressure'' and Constantine Mouralis from American Idol and The Flaming Lips doing two different versions of ''Bohemian Rhapsody.'' Still, with such a wide range of artists on this disc, there's a good chance people will find at least one track to enjoy.''


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