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Added on 05-Apr-2008

With a period of silence and mourning of about four months behind us, we are now filled with joy. After auditioning for the last two months in order to find a worthy successor for Rudi, our former guitarist, we have found a young guy, who, according his relatives, learned to play the guitar before he learned how to walk.

His name is Marvin Eestermans and he is twenty years old.

Several guitar players were auditioned during the past months and it looks like the expression "last best" was quite appropriate in this matter, because he actually was the last candidate. Yesterday, April 4, the band started to rehearse in the new lineup, which Marvin was really looking forward to.

Last Monday, March 31, a meeting took place with the band and management to discuss the details about getting Marvin ready for his first gig with Miracle. There is a possibility that there will be some try-outs in the very near future, so keep an eye on our website, we will keep you posted!

According to Marjolein, it would have been Rudi’s wish that Miracle would continue, and we hope that Marvin’s guitar playing will reach to heaven and we receive a sign of Rudi's approval.

Go for it Marvin and Rock the Cosmos Too!

If you want to welcome him to the band and wish him luck, email him:

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