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Added on 22-Nov-2010

A selection of the latest news from The Mercury Phoenix trust, click here for the full run down.

1. Debbie Attwood Dresses for Less for the MPT

12 months, one woman and one mighty wardrobe challenge – Debbie Attwood is buying her clothes entirely from charity shops for the year and blogging her progress along the way. Full story here.

2. Charlotte reflects on her pilgrimage to the Dominion

As two determined fund raisers complete their walk from the Midlands to the West End, we look back at those who have tried (and succeeded) on the journey before, albeit on wheels rather than heels. Click here to read Charlotte’s reflections on her two wheeled pilgrimage to the Dominion.

3. Successful completion of HIV/AIDS/STIs/Drug Youth Prevention Programme by the Regional Development Centre (RDC), Orissa, North Eastern state of India

The RDC’s programme demonstrates the effectiveness of the youth training model and of peer educators to take the message of prevention to the wider community. For the full story click here.


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