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Letter From Emergency Services Worker To Thank Queen Published In August 2005 ''Guitarist Magazine'' Just Hit USAOne of the many courageous Emergency Services personnel who attended Queen's Hyde Park concert, which honored London's Emergency Services for their selfless bravery during the London terrorist bombings by Queen offering free concert tickets to London's Emergency Services, wrote a very touching, heartfelt, emotional, lovely, gracious letter..thanking Queen...that is published in the August 2005 issue of ''Guitarist Magazine'' which just hit the USA.

Page 14 ''Feedback, Letters To The Editor''

Color Photo of Brian May: Caption, ''Brian May: Giving credit where it's due at Queen's Hyde Park Gig.''

''Queen Rule''

''I'm a member of the Emergency Services, and was involved in the rescue op at King's Cross on July 7th. As one of the people who was subsequently given complimentary tickets to see Queen at Hyde Park by the band, I'd just like to thank them. I was first on scene at the train with a colleague and had to do what my training prepared me for, and which I always prayed that I would never have to use: I did my duty, like countless others did that day. In the numb aftermath of the days that followed, we were told Queen had made available, a number of tickets to the emergency services who had been involved in those tragic events, and that I was to receive some.''

''After all that had happened, to hear this was the most uplifting bit of news for me. Hyde Park was wonderful. The sun shone down on the crowd and you could feel the electricity in the air as Razorlight played. Queen came on to rapturous applause and launched into a set that was spellbinding. Brian May dedicated a song to all those in the emergency services. He spoke about us, and we saw some of our faces on the screens. When he played, I cried. Tears for the innocents, and tears at the feeling in those songs.''

''At the end of the concert, I wanted to say ''thank you'', for the most wonderful, uplifting experience. I was taken backstage with a chance of meeting the band. After a short while, I was ushered through with some others where I was introduced to Brian May. What a fantastic, kind, and thoughtful guy. We spoke for a short while. I told him what Queen's gesture of those tickets had meant to me, and to others. I then met Roger Taylor and we all posed for pictures. ''Thanks guys'', seems such an inadequate way to express what you did for me.''

Signed: Steve M. Via Email To The Editors At ''Guitarist''

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