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Added on 26-Sep-2008

Queen are Brian May and Roger Taylor. Paul Rodgers is the voice (and what a voice!) playing as lead singer. The 14 tracks are not all following the typical “Queen style”, but most of the songs wink more at a classic rock rather than at an epic one. Sure, there are many powerful and emotional charges so peculiar to this historic band. However, May and Taylor must have realized that Rodgers, as he did with Free and Bad Company, would be better off performing blues and rock’n‘roll.It ‘s not by pure coincidence that the opening song (Cosmos Rockin’) reminds of Status Quo’s “Rocking All Over the Years” to a certain extent and that “Still Burning” together with “Call Me” and “Voodoo” share some common traits of blues and country-folk which were so distinctive of the old Bad Company’s sound.All the rest is a perfect example of how skilled musicians in their early 60s can play extraordinarily well putting all their experience in it as well as a great deal of “heart” ! (for instance, the ballad “Small” will probably thump in all radio stations next winter). What about the epoch-making stuff? Where do we find it? Obviously here in “The Cosmos Rocks” .Queen are still there. Fans trust the good faith of those who were left to carry on and who, waited for 17 years before releasing a new album. This shows it has not been easy to take such an important decision.


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