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Live 8 Released On DVD 11/8/2005 Includes Robbie Williams' Cover Queen's ''We Will Rock You''Live 8 will be released as a 4 DVD set November 8, 2005. All proceeds will go to the Band Aid Trust.

The 4 DVD set includes mostly highlights from both the Hyde Park, London and Museum Of Art, Philadelphia shows.

It is confirmed that Robbie Williams' entire set will be included, including his cover of Queen's ''We Will Rock You.''

However, not all acts who performed at London and Philly will be included on the 4 DVD set, and even those who are featured, will have some of their sets cut. reports that...''TRAVIS, KEANE, REM and DIDO are among a host of acts whose songs have been written out of Live 8 history - after organisers axed 22 tunes from the official DVD of the London leg of July's (05) charity extravaganza.''

''Songs which failed to make the final cut include DIDO's WHITE FLAG, REM's IMITATION OF LIFE and KEANE's BEDSHAPED. Welsh rockers THE STEREOPHONICS were the worst hit with three of their tracks hitting the cutting room floor.''

''Megastars MADONNA, SIR ELTON JOHN, SIR PAUL McCARTNEY and PINK FLOYD had all their songs included.''

''A spokeswoman for the Live 8 DVD says, ''It was a very long concert and we have added a lot from the other global concerts. Any editing is for time purposes otherwise it would have been the longest DVD in the world.''''

''Organiser SIR BOB GELDOF says, ''I hope this will be the biggest selling DVD of all time. It deserves to be.''''

''A percentage of the royalties will go to the Band Aid Trust to help relieve poverty in Africa.''


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