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Added on 30-Jun-2005

Queen Fondly Discussed In VH1 Article "Live Aid A Look Back At The Concert That Actually Changed The World"On VH1's website (taken from MTV News) in the news articles section, Queen are fondly discussed in a wonderful article discussing the magic, wonder, immense work and undertaking, and global generosity and good will of putting together, the original, and forever historic, Live Aid, as a reminder of what the upcoming Live all about.

In ''Live Aid: A Look Back At The Concert That Actually Changed The World'' By Gil Kaufman dated 6/29/2005, an in depth, scholarly look and insight is given as to how what is now considered to be the single largest and most successful charity, benefit concert in history, was planned, developed, and staged, with many of the world's greatest and most esteemed music artists...all conducted with precision and grace, and the uplifting spirit of good will to assist and raise awareness to the urgent cause of the African 1985.

What is even more remarkable about the Original Live Aid, was that Sir Bob Geldof, the Live Aid organizers and the participating music artists all selflessly pulled off this mammoth charity event, in the ''greedy 80's'', also a time long before the technological advances of 2005, being digital satellite TV and radio, cell phones, email, the Internet, text messaging, DSL lines, etc.

In commenting on the wonderful artists who with open hearts, stepped up to the plate for the cause and hour at hand that day, of course, Queen are fondly highlighted.

quote ''Among the other artists who participated in the concerts: Queen, David Bowie, Elton John, Paul McCartney, the Pretenders, Adam Ant, INXS, Elvis Costello, B.B. King, Sade, Run-DMC, Judas Priest, Bryan Adams, the Beach Boys, Santana, Tom Petty, the Cars, Eric Clapton, Duran Duran (in their last performance with all the original members before reforming two years ago) and Bob Dylan, who closed the show with a performance of "Blowin' in the Wind," featuring the Stones' Keith Richards and Ron Wood.''

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