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Added on 27-Feb-2004

The best Queen cover band in the world has released another live album, sure to please the fans!Recorded live at the Dutch Queen Fanclub Meeting 2002. The previous live CD "Live Covers" has already been

out for four years now and was recorded straight from the mixing table onto a CD without any further

mixing. That resulted into a good live CD. But in the meantime the band has gotten better and got a

lot more Queen song added to their setlist.

"Getalive" is recorded on 24 tracks which made it possible to mix the instruments and voices later on to

get a much better and more professional result. The bandmembers are very proud to present this CD to

the world.

Great King Rat

I Can't Live With You


Now I'm Here

Who Wants To Live Forever?

The Prophet's Song


Seven Seas Of Rhye

Band In Heaven

Don't Stop Me Now

Ogre Battle

Teo Torriate (let us cling together)

(Go to the Miracle website to listen to 1 minute teasers:

Almost 50% of these songs have never been played live by Queen themselves, so that makes it even more

interesting to hear a live rendition of them.

Brian May was very surprised by the fact that Miracle performs "the Prophet's Song" live and couldn't believe

that the midsection, the so-called a-capella part, was also done.

Greg Brooks, the official Queen archivist, wrote a review on Miracle for the CD booklet:

"Miracle, like Queen, is a real band. They have an edge. They have that little something extra that demands

your full attention. Also, what sprang to my mind early on, is that they are brave. They do not take the easy

path. I had never heard any cover band attempt Death On Two Legs, Ogre Battle, Great King Rat or The

Prophet's Song before. No one in their right mind even thinks of attempting The Prophet's Song! Or so I thought.

Miracle pulled it off with astonishing power and menace, and they earned my respect. I scrutinized every chord

and note and vocal, and I was knocked out. That is a rare thing for me.

Experiencing Miracle live is the nearest I've come to being back at a real Queen gig (if only!). Great songs, well

put over, fluently executed, great guitar, bass and drum sound (and exceptional piano), and an (all important)

impressive mix, well amplified. Johnnie belts out each line with familiar clarity, and always the choice of song is

a surprise"...

At the moment a copy of "Getalive" is laying on Brian's desk and the band hopes to receive any kind of comment

on it by the master himself.

Get your own copy now by going to the Miracle website or visit one of

Miracle's concerts.

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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