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Added on 17-May-2002

Liza Minelli was on David Letterman this past Monday May 13th, and she and Paul Schafer the band leader raved about her wedding and that "fabulous Brian"..."performing 'We are the Champions' at their wedding cake cutting juncture...seems on the aftershow webpage at was stated that Mya wanted to do the vocals for "champions" with Brain but it was not disussed til after the fact...Mya loves those covers...hence "Lady Marmalade" with herself, Pink {another HUGE Queen devotee} christina aguilera {who is a freddie freak}, and lil kim...but the one CBS rumour yet to see the light is that 'none other than (the worlds biggest Queen Fan) MARIAH CAREY {wants the female lead for 'we are the champs' with Brian and Roger on board...methinks that would be super...someone who does have Freddies range vocally and the passion to pull it off, since Robbie Williams kind of sucked...but he is still a great guy, better off with the likes of "something stupid"...

Submitted by: Steve Saturn

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