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Added on 15-Mar-2007

Young Inspirations Theatre Company Production, at The Pomigranite Theatre, Chesterfield.Today, Thursday 15th March, saw the first of 4 perfomances of Queen's "We Will Rock You" by a Local Derbyshire Theatre Company, at "The Pomigranite Theatre", Chesterfield. The Show is running from Thursday 15th - 17th March, 3 nights plus a matinee performance on Saturday.

The Production of the show is by "Young Inspirations Theatre Company" who's performers are all under the age of 25. I would say tonights performance was outstanding, to say all the performers are so young. 17 year old "Matt Bristow" who filled the role of "Galileo" had one of the best singing voices I've heard in a long time, as did 19 year old "Nicola Webb" who was "Scaramouche" Even their acting mimicked the American & London accents of "Tony Vincent" & "Hannah Jane Fox"

The Back drop scenery, was not as good as the offical production & the fact that they did not have a house band, didn't spoil the enjoyment, but the production uses the offical "We Will Rock You-Stage show" backing tracks for the songs. (Yeah!! We Still hear Freddie!!) & the professionalism of the performers, more than made up for it.

A Truly enjoyable night!!!

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