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Added on 30-Aug-2009

I have just returned from London, where summer was held this year instead of our usual 2 weeks in Canada.Of course, I went to Freddie's at 1 Logan Place. There have been some changes around the place recently. Last November,there was a row of nice looking small flats just being finished up around Logan Mews. I wanted to see if there were any "For Let" signs up. No such luck. They all appeared to be occupied.No's 5&6 are at the end overlooking Freddie's (Mary's)garden & numbered like a double flat.5&6 on the glass above the door and a double car garage. The new flats at Logan Mews are all whitewashed.

The dark green doors of Logan Place have been recently re-painted. There is of course Garden Lodge and now the end door closest to the s/w corner (tradesmens entrance) has a new brass handle and says 'Studio Entrance'in white paint on the dark green.

Naturally I'm curious, as to what might be happening.Does anyone have any concrete news on the subject? I wasn't about to go ringing the bell and invading Mary's privacy. After all it's been her home for almost 18 yrs now, to do with what she will.I'm just interested because as I recall she wanted to turn it into a museum originally and Freddie would have none of that. He wanted her living there,using it as her family home. It was just so surprising to see the newly painted doors and especially the second one. By the way does anyone know Mary's married name? I'd be interested in knowing if anything at all is going on in the way of change. It's become a kind of pilgrimage for all Freddie's fans being so much easier to get to than Montreux.

Submitted by: Elaine C. Crossland

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