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Added on 27-Jan-2005

The Loser's Lounge will have another Queen-themed concert this February. The show, "No Time For Losers: The Loser's Lounge Tribute to Queen," will run this February.

"We're very excited to be kicking off the Losers Lounge 2005 season with this amazing show at Fez, under Time Cafe," the Loser's Lounge website says.

This New York-based troupe has been around since 1993, and play concerts dedicated to the body of work of one artist--in the past they have done as diverse as Henry Mancini, ABBA, Brian Wilson, The Bee Gees, Dusty Springfield, Neil Diamond, and The Zombies.

At the last Queen program in 2000, which this reporter saw, there was two great and varied program each night of Queen songs, all with love, some tongue-in-cheek, and many very loud.

The upcoming series of concerts will be February 4, 5, 11, and two shows on the 12th.

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