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Added on 13-Jul-2004

From The Times, a description of what to expect:"From his girlfriend Mary Austin, who remained a member of Mercury's inner circle for 23 years, to the one-night stands who became close friends, the loyalty the star inspired is both remarkable and touching. Some might say that kissing and telling -even 13 years after his death -is a dubious sign of loyalty, but the reminiscences on display here are full of fondness and affection. Most poignant of all, perhaps, is the testimony of Jim Hutton, Mercury's final lover and gardener at his "functioning royal residence" in Kensington. "I saw him perform at Live Aid. I was just dazed. It's basically me saying 'That's my man there'."

The programme also offers a vivid snapshot of pre-Aids hedonism and 1970s clubbing, from the popularity of the moustache to the names of the most popular bars. There is also a new biographical interpretation of Bohemian Rhapsody and enough footage of fandangos, feathers and Freddie to keep the committed Queen fan happy. As biographical portraits go, it is illuminating and affectionate, thunderbolts, lightning and all."

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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