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Added on 19-May-2003

I've begun a new poll regarding future Queen DVD's, specifically the sound options featured on them. While the inclusion of DTS is appreciated by some, many Queen fans are unable to enjoy the surround mix because they do not have the capability to listen to DTS.With only a DTS track as the sole surround sound option, we are left with only a simple stereo mix. However, if Queen were to include a Dolby Digital 5.1 mix on future DVD's, many more fans would be able to enjoy the surround mixes that Queen, Justin Shirley-Smith, etc, have worked so hard on.

Once the poll has ended, the results will be turned over to Queen Productions for future consideration. To take part in the poll, please click on the following link;

At times, the web page may be unavailable due to heavy traffic, but please try again later. Your vote counts. Thank you.

Submitted by: Michael Allred

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