Added on 25-Jun-2007

Rock supergroup QUEEN are planning a return to the charts in 2008 after recording nine new songs with singer PAUL RODGERS.The Show Must Go On rockers are said to be delighted with the progress they're making on their first studio album since frontman Freddie Mercury's death in 1991. And former Free and Bad Company star Rodgers is so happy with his new bandmates, he's hoping to tour with them again. He tells, "With Queen and myself, it's a very organic thing. We're letting it sort of develop itself naturally and not pushing it or giving it any pressure. "We go in, just the three of us. Roger (Taylor) gets on the kit, Brian (May) gets on the guitar, I get on the acoustic guitar and piano, either/or, and then we share the bass line afterwards... I can hear the song line and then Brian can hear all the harmonies on top of it. "Brian knows exactly what he's doing and we don't know what it's going to sound like, but when we go back into the studio and the engineer puts everything up we all go, 'Holy smokes, listen to that!' So that's the genius of harmonies."


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