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QUEEN guitarist BRIAN MAY has been forced to put his life on hold so he can concentrate on his PhD in astronomy.The Bohemian Rhapsody rocker, 59, has recently resumed the degree - which he abandoned in the 1970s in favour of a music career - at London's prestigious university Imperial College. But May admits the studies are taking up more of his time than he ever anticipated. He says, "It has completely taken over my life. To do my thesis justice, everything has been put on hold, the intensity increasing in the past couple of months to the point where there's simply no time for being a dad, a husband or even a musician, which I have been for the past 35 years since I left my PhD papers in a big trunk at home. "If I get this title of PhD and it is by no means a foregone conclusion, I will feel without a trace of a doubt that I have earned it."

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