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Added on 01-Jan-2007

To a dollop of Elton John add a good measure of Scissor Sisters and a sprinkling of Queen. Stick it all in the blender with a dash of good looks and a spicey childhood. What have you got? Mika - the pop sensation of 2007. Luiza Sauma met himBut this is all fluff. The most important thing is that Mika is a poker-hot, bona fide superstar-to-be, and the world is about to take note. Chuck Elton John, Scissor Sisters and Queen into a blender, and Mika is what you'd get (except much, much better-looking). But for now, it's up to the record-buying public to decide his fate. So far, the signs have been good. There's the seven-inch single that sold out within a couple of days ("Relax, Take it Easy"), a forthcoming Paul Smith campaign, the music video shot by the ubiquitous Sophie Muller (who's done everyone from Beyonce to Blur), the Radio 1 support, the healthy MySpace presence. And just the other day, some guitarist called Brian May sent Mika a little note telling him just how great he thinks he is.

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