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Added on 26-Aug-2006

The Official International Queen fan club finances are not in the best of health: "The idea was a simple one - we ask the Queen Tribute bands who have played at Conventions and/or Fan Club parties to contribute a Queen track each to the CD. We make it sound fab, we make it look fab... and then YOU lovely people get to buy it! All proceeds after costs will go towards the fan club - which in turn we can re-invest in YOU, the fans who matter!" - Jacky of the OIQFCAs far as we know, all 14 bands have contributed either live recording(s) or studio recording(s). Some bands only handed a single soundfile, some several. A poll was set up by the OIQFC and registered members could vote for their favorite song of each band.

Miracle have many recordings, but none of them included Miracle's new drummer Victor Louisa. Because the guys love to go into a sound studio and record, they decided to book the Knight Area Studio and record three Queen songs and offered those exclusively for the OIQFC CD: "Ogre Battle", "Stone Cold Crazy" and "White Queen".

"Ogre Battle" ended up as the most favorite, followed closely by "Stone Cold Crazy". And that one even more closely followed by "White Queen". So that means that "Ogre Battle" will be Miracle's contribution to the fan club tribute CD. As soon as the CD is out we'll let you know how to order one for yourself.

To give you a taste of how "Ogre Battle" turned out and to stimulate as many people as we can to buy the OIQFC Tribute CD we offer you the other two songs.

Go to and listen.

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