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Added on 13-Aug-2004

Fabulous Dutch Queen Cover Band, Miracle, are releasing a DVD on September 1.The DVD 'GetAlive' is a companion to the CD of the same name, released previously.

Track listing includes:

1. son & daughter

2. let me entertain you

3. now i`m here

4. i can`t live with you

5. ride the wild wind

6. band in heaven

7. great king rat

8. was it all worth it

9. seven seas of rhye

10. dead on time

11. fight from the inside

12. who wants to live forever?

13. `39

14. the prophet`s song

15. coming soon

16. crazy little thing called love

17. we will rock you

18. we are the champions

19. don`t stop me now

20. end credits (wilhelmus)

I am really looking forward to this DVD.

More information can be found at:

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