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Added on 10-Apr-2005

I wish I were Dutch. Or at least lived close enough to Holland to see Miracle, the Dutch Queen cover band whenever I wanted. The perils of living in Australia.I have been a “hard-core” Queen fan since about 1989. After such a long time, I need variety. A cover band that just plays “Greatest Hits” isn’t going to do it for me. That is where Miracle come in. Check out the setlist for their DVD release “GetAlive”:

1. Son & Daughter

2. Let Me Entertain You

3. Now I`m Here

4. I Can`t Live With You

5. Ride The Wild Wind

6. Band In Heaven

7. Great King Rat

8. Was It All Worth It

9. Seven Seas Of Rhye

10. Dead On Time

11. Fight From The Inside

12. Who Wants To Live Forever?

13. `39

14. The Prophet`s Song

15. Coming Soon

16. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

17. We Will Rock You

18. We Are The Champions

19. Don`T Stop Me Now

20. End Credits (Wilhelmus)

There are a few of the standard classics, but above all there are lots of fan favourites. Album tracks that fans love, and would want to hear. This is particularly true if you are a fan that thinks that the best Queen songs tend to be the ones that they didn’t release as a single.

The GetAlive DVD is a recording of a 2002 performance at the Dutch Queen Fan Club convention. We get a few glimpses of the convention at the beginning of the DVD.

The show itself is impressive. The Miracle stage has a bank of light and even a laser show. Not your usual cover band fare…

The songs themselves are delivered with great energy and gusto. A relief to most Queen fans would be that they aren’t trying to be Queen. They are Queen fans playing to other Queen fans. No “pretend freddie’s” can be seen. This probably gives them the freedom to concentrate on the songs there own way.

The Miracle guys certainly seem to be having fun as well! I like that.

The sound and video on the DVD is top notch. The video is shot in widescreen. I have seen DVD’s of “professional bands” that pale in comparison (e.g. Transatlantic's Live in Europe DVD).

This is one of the most enjoyable Queen items I have got lately. I have only had it a few days and i have watched it about 5 times. The only regret for this DVD is that it isn't longer!

I can only listen to the standard Queen songs so many times, before I go nuts. This DVD gave me a great respite. It is nice to hear some of the rarer tracks performed live. Particularly when they are treated with such reverence.

If only Brian and Roger feel inspired to start including some fan favourite tracks rather than the standard hits in the setlists of the current tour…

For more information on Miracle, you can visit their website at:

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