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Added on 13-Nov-2004

Another interesting outing for the fantastic Dutch Queen cover band.The Dutch Queen cover band Miracle will do two performances at the 26th and 27th of November at the Nasa Club in Reykjavik, Iceland. This is definitely not their first foreign adventure. Earlier they have performed in Britain, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium. Next year the band has already been booked for several performances abroad. In addition, there are plans to do a tour in Britain next year. Miracle, who recently released their first DVD titled Getalive did a workshop in Montreux last September, at the annual Freddie Mercury Memorial Day, with David Richards (Queen's former record producer). The workshop also included Freddie Mercury's personal assistant, Peter Freestone. Iceland being on Miracle's schedule does not come as a surprise, because at one of Miracle's earlier gigs, a guest from Iceland was present, and after the gig he walked into the dressing room with the words: "You must come to Iceland". This guest turned out to be a good friend of Einar Bárðarson (producer and writer of lots of Eurovision Songfestival entries on behalf of Iceland. A large number of Miracle fans will follow the band to Iceland to witness the gigs.

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