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Added on 02-Dec-1999

Channel 4 in the UK have issued the following press release in relation to the upcoming Queen Night"IS THIS THE REAL LIFE?

Queen are the unsung heroes of British pop music. Their influence and contribution over the last 30 years has been tremendous. With their groundbreaking video for Bohemian Rhapsody (now widely acknowledged to be one of the worlds first pop music promos), they changed the way popular music is promoted and marketed. Their operatic style and use of studio multi-tracking have made a lasting impression on recording techniques. Queen's legendary performances and classic anthems have inspired countless musicians the world over and will be rememberd for many years to come.

Is This The Real Life? is the real story of Queen, a 60 minute rockumentary and a genuine attempt to evaluate the groups legacy to British pop music. As well as interviews with Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor, the programme also features rare contributions from Freddie Mercury's mother Jer Bulsar and his sister Kashmira Cook, former manager Norman Sheffield; dress designer Zandra Rhodes and Peter Freestone, Freddie's personal assistant during the last ten years of his life.

Intercut with footage of Queen, both in the studio and performing on stage, celebrities including Elton John also reflect on the effect the group have had on their own careers and look back on their personal favourites.


Don't Stop me Now, a Queen pop video jukebox, is a celebration of their music as seen through their promotional videos. From the grounbreaking Bohemian Rhapsody to the comic drag of I Want To Break Free to the poignancy of These Are The Days Of Our Lives. This our long show features a wealth of Queen's greatest hits. Each video will be accompanied by amusing observations and fond recollections from a host of celebr

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