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Added on 11-Mar-2000

The Interactive Song Book retails for 20 pounds sterling. The following release gives additional information.Universal Music are interactively producing the next Brain May or Sting of the future.... February 28, 2000....Universal Music, home

of the world's greatest music catalogue, is now launching the next generation music experience with the Interactive Songbook collection,

to give inspiration to a mass of wannabe musicians.

Featuring albums from some of the world's most famous artists, the 2Cd-Rom Interactive Songbook set consists of both a keyboard and

Guitar tutorial which teaches the user to play the songs from the album and includes a multimedia reference section on each artist.

Universal Music is 100% behind encouraging as many potential musicians as possible to pick up an instrument and follow in the footsteps

of their idols. The six albums featured have sold over 40 million world-wide.

Queen - Greatest Hit

U2 - Achtung Baby

Sting & the Police - The Very Best Of

Texas - White on Blond

Beautiful South - Carry on up the Charts

Lighthouse Family - Ocean Drive

A specifically designed web site has also been created. will become a forum to allow all users of Interactive

Songbook collection a portal for discussion of both the product and live music. Users will be able to check out all the latest information

on the Interactive Songbook and even add downloads for the product. Interactive Songbook has been designed to be an easy to fo

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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