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Added on 23-Jul-2005

More Queen Props From Foo Fighters In August 2005 Spin MagazineOnce again, the Foo Fighters fondly namecheck Queen, this time in the August Cover Story/Interview with The Foo Fighters discussing their new double disc electric/acoutic album, ''In Your Honor'', in the August 2005 issue of ''Spin Magazine''.

Page 58

In Interview/Article ''The Chosen Foo'' by Andy Greenwald.

In the article, Greenwald, not only discuss The Foos' new album, but their new and their OWN, state of the art, custom built recording studio in Encino, Califonia, Studio 606. While The Foos show off their new high tech digs, Greenwald states, quote:

''But back at (Studio) 606, (Dave) Grohl is merely screaming with laughter. (Taylor) Hawkins, clean and sober but still manic, is showing Dave his favorite Freddie Mercury outfits from a dog-eared 1970's Queen tour program and suggesting which might be best for a photo shoot. The skin tight jester costume? Or the schoolboy knickers, sans shirt and shoes?''

Page 59

Then during the interview with Dave Grohl, Grohl discusses his admiration for the music of My Chemical Romance (and of Queen!), and Grohl goes on to say...

''The beauty of the melody in that song

(by MCR) ''Helena"? Oh my God, that could be a fucking Queen song!''

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