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Added on 25-Oct-2000

The fan club is now stating that the US release of the Freddie Box has definately been postponed to at least the 12 Decemember.Jacky from OIQFC said:

I telephoned Jim Beach in Montreux just a few seconds ago, when I found

my in box full of emails from disgruntled Americans! He informed me

that, as of about two days ago, the release date HAS changed, but he

said it will be Decemebr 12th at the latest - he was not aware of

anything that might delay it til after Christmas. BUT - he is speaking

with Hollywood later today when the time zones coincide and he will let

me know immediately should there be a change in the release date again.

He was quite adamant that this collection WILL be released there before

Christmas. He also confirmed that the set released in the USA is EXACTLY

the same as the one released elsewhere, no cuts, no edits (he wont allow it!)

Jacky has requested that people hold off from bombarding Hollywood for the moment.

Thanks to Michael Allred for the Information.

Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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