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Added on 29-Dec-2008

...but let's not worry too much. They do the same to everyone else. It's hardly the pinnacle of music journalism, but we thought we'd share this article with you:>1=61501

"But all that pales when compared to the absurd rebirth of Queen (+ Paul "you know, the one who was in Free and Bad Company and sang that song All Right Now" Rogers). A band whose reputation was always disproportionate to their actual abilities, even when the only interesting member was still alive and the most talented member could still bear to play bass in their presence, were now a band who had the audacity to follow up the worst musical ever written (one day we'll topple that statue of Freddie in Tottenham Court Rd, just like they did Saddam) with a new album under the name Queen + Paul "who was also in The Firm but we can't remember any of their hits" Rogers, entitled The Cosmos Rocks (oh good grief!).

"Queen + Paul "why didn't they just get George Michael to do it again because at least he can hit the high notes without sounding like he's straining out a poo" Rogers also released a single called C-lebrity (oh good grief!), damning our obsession with reality TV stars (oh good grief!) that was stuffed full of lyrical conceits as clumsy as a giant picking up pins, and sounded as joyless and stilted as a Gordon Brown-hosted Xmas party. They did not rock us."


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