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Added on 14-Jun-2007

Determined to make my name as a rock columnist, I had immersed myself in the London music scene and was doing freelance work in the press office at London's Capital Radio. In 1981 I flew to Switzerland with Capital's star DJ, the late Roger Scott, to assist at a interview with Freddie Mercury and Queen in their Mountain Studios on the shores of Lake Geneva at Montreux.

When we arrived, David Bowie - a neighbour - was with them, recording well into the night a song which would become the number one hit Under Pressure - which Bowie later claimed to have loathed.

He failed to recognise me, of course. Egged on by the others, I told him that as a schoolgirl I had stood on his doorstep begging for an autograph.

"Blimey," he said, "did I give you one?" Queen drumme

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