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Added on 07-Sep-2008

?QUEEN GUITAR RHAPSODIES? features seventeen Queen songs arranged for guitar and orchestra.AVAILABLE AT WWW.CARLOSBONELL.COM

Brian May has described "Love My Life" as "absolutely exquisite"

The original concept and guitar arrangements were done by David Young, who can be found playing guitar in the Queen musical ?We Will Rock You? in London?s West End.

On completion of those original arrangements, David and Carlos decided that the album would sound better with orchestral accompaniment and Gary Hind was brought in to arrange orchestral parts around the original guitar parts.

With the original guitar parts now adapted to be accompanied by an orchestra (and in two cases a choir!) Carlos, David and Gary flew to Barquisimeto, Venezuela on June 21 2007 to begin the recording of the album with the Lara Symphony Orchestra and choir conducted by Tarcisio Barreto Ceballos with whom Carlos had worked previously.

2008 sees the release of ?Queen Guitar Rhapsodies? which allows us to hear the music of Queen in a totally original setting.

The track listing on the album is;

1. Barcelona (Guitar/Orchestra/Choir)

2. You Take My Breath Away (Guitar/Orchestra)

3. Play the Game (Guitar/Orchestra)

4. Lily of the Valley (Solo Guitar)

5. Bohemian Rhapsody (Guitar /Orchestra)

6. Sail Away Sweet Sister (Guitar/Orchestra)

7. Nevermore (Solo Guitar)

8. It?s a Hard Life (Guitar/Orchestra)

9. Who Needs You (Guitar/Orchestra)

10. Procession (Orchestra)

11. Who Wants to Live Forever (Solo Guitar)

12. Good Old Fashioned Loverboy (Guitar/Orchestra)

13. Jealousy (Guitar/Orchestra)

14. Love of My Life (Solo Guitar)

15. Save Me (Guitar/Orchestra)

16. Teo Torriate (Guitar/Orchestra/Choir)

17. Dear Friends (Guitar/Orchestra

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