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Added on 10-Mar-2004

An absolutely new book of M.V. Ahundova about Freddie Mercury and Queen is available on-line for the first time in English. It was published some years ago in Russian and became a sensation among Russian Queen fans. This book presents a totally new sight on the history and creation of Queen, based on the investigation of already published books on Queen and on the analysis of their songs’ texts. Worth to read, even if you do not agree with the author!

Here just a few quotes:

“…the choir calls: "Galileo figaro magnifico". It's the key phrase, which reveals the entire meaning of the song, and usually it isn't translated by the researchers. And, if they DO translate it, they translate it from Italian, getting "Galileo is a great barber".

What Galileo? What has barber to do with that?

Yes, it's a nonsense. But don't make Freddie an idiot. Actually, it's a slightly corrupted Latin phrase, "Galileo figuro magnifico" - translated as "Magnify the Galilean's image". "Galileo", repeated five times, translated from the Latin as "Jesus Christ" - that was His name in the ancient Rome…”

“…Freddie Mercury wasn’t the only one celebrity who died of AIDS, but only the circumstances of his illness and death are still hidden from the society. About any famous man died in the similar circumstances, we can know almost everything: the date of diagnose ascertainment – year, month and day, the name of the doctor who ascertained the horrible news, number and name of the hospital in which that happened, the approximate date of his AIDS infestation, where and what treatment did he receive, in which clinics and hospitals, which medicaments did he receive and what procedures he’d undergone, how the disease progressed, the name of the attending physician or physicians etc. etc. We can learn that about everyone – except Mercury…”

“…and what DO we know about Freddie Mercury? As we may see – almost nothing. The great British rock singer, leader and vocalist of the cult group Queen, the creator of popular hits, modernist video clips and flamboyant shows, he wore extravagant costumes, sang with Montserrat Caballe, died of AIDS on 24th November 1991.

So, is that all? And what’s written in the hundreds books and articles?…”

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