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Added on 17-Aug-2001

All the Queen CD's up to 'The Game' are listed on the Japanese HMV website as new releases for 2001.The CD's are listed as 2001 and releases.

These CD's are likely to be re-mastered and / or repackaged CD's, perhaps in mini-album format. The mini-album format are miniture LP / album replica's that house the CD.

The first eight studio albums were re-released in 1998 in Japan as mini-albums. They were of an exceptional quality. Mini-album versions were also released in the US as a box set of the first 8 records, 'The Crown Jewels'. The quality of this set though was a pale shadow of the 'hard-cardboard' Japanese versions.

The 1998 re-mastering of these releases was also superior to the original remasters of Hollywood REcords (US) or EMI (UK) as they employed a higher 24 bit resolution of remastering technology.

Thanks to Ali_Attack for this information.

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Submitted by: Richard Orchard

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