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Added on 09-Oct-2005

don't get too excited but... INSTRUCTIONAL DVD COMING

An instructional DVD release: "Arranging for Solo Guitar: The Queen Titles." is scheduled to be released shortly.

On this award-winning DVD*, Edgar Cruz performs and teaches four classic Queen instrumentals arranged for fingerstyle guitar: Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are The Champions, Killer Queen, Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

If you listen to the original Queen recordings you might wonder how it would be possible to distill the essence of these rock classics onto a single guitar. Not only does Edgar demonstrate that it is possible, but he shows how faithfully those familiar harmonies and orchestrations can be translated. Each song is explained in great detail, and he shows the techniques necessary to make the difficult passages very playable and “guitaristic.”

He also teaches simplified passages that are equally rich and satisfying, but more accessible to the intermediate guitarist.

Most importantly, Edgar explains the process he uses when putting intricate arrangements like this together. Beyond the Queen titles, his approach to arranging for solo guitar can be applied to literally any song you choose. DVD features streaming musical notation and tab on the alternate video track. High-resolution output of the musical notation is also printable from the disc as a DVD-ROM feature. All arrangements in standard tuning. Suitable for intermediate to advanced players.

"...Edgar Cruz is a wizard. How else can one explain how he captures the sounds of an entire band and reduces them to a single guitar? It's that special gift, skill, magic – whatever you'd like to call it – that has produced such amazing solo guitar performances as Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. If Cruz caught the attention of the guitar playing and listening world with that masterpiece, then that world had better brace itself..."

– John Schroeter,

Publisher, Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine

Release dates and placement in the QOL store are currently being confirmed.

* This title has just won two Accolade Awards of Excellence (best instructional/educational and best editing) as well as a nomination for the 2005 DVD Awards.


still great news for me!!! :)

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