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Added on 21-Feb-2006

andPOP reports: the piles of rumours surrounding the second season of Rock Star will be revealed soon... probably. Auditions are set for March across the US, as well as two spots in Canada: Mar. 13 at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto and Mar. 23 at The Roxy in Vancouver.

The surviving members of INXS chose JD Forune of Toronto to be their lead singer in the first season of the show. But no band has been announced for the second season, titled "Rock Star: The Series."

Van Halen and Queen have both been rumoured to be the choosing band. Queen is currently touring with Paul Rodgers and happy with their current situation (and their tour schedule doesn't match up with the Rock Star schedule). Van Halen is unlikely because David Lee Roth is still alive and would have something to say should his former band members seek to replace him.

According to a press release released by Global, the network that will air the show in Canada, producers say the they are seeking the lead singer for "an all-star rock 'n' roll supergroup." Think "supergroup" and a few bands come to mind:

# Velvet Revolver, but they're doing quite fine with Scott Weiland despite the problems he is having.

# Audioslave, but all is well with them.

# Camp Freddie... they are the ultimate supergroup with members from several bands, including Rock Star host Dave Navarro.

However, Velvet Revolver and Camp Freddie member Matt Sorum said Camp Freddie will be adding Weiland as the group's singer (read story on UG).

A lot of supergroup crossover going on there. But the Dave Navarro connection is not dead. He is part of another group called Panic Channel, which features every member of Janes Addiction except flamboyant lead singer Perry Farrell. They have been recording an album, but nothing has been released, and their web site features nothing more than a logo. Producers aren't saying if they will announce the band before the auditions, so you may be auditioning for an unannounced band.

Audition dates and cities are as follows:

03/01 - Austin, TX

03/03 - Boston

03/06 - Atlanta

03/08 - New York

03/11 - Chicago

03/13 - Toronto

03/16 - Minneapolis, MN

03/18 - Seattle, WA

03/21 - San Francisco

03/23 - Vancouver

03/31 - Los Angeles.

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