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New York Daily News Article ''Queen Reunion With Free's Singer Leaves Us Pining For Freddie''The New York Daily News posted an article on their website, republishing an article from their newspaper, reviewing Queen+Paul Rodgers' double live CD ''Return Of The Champions'' and the collabortation itself of Queen with Paul Rodgers.

''Is this the real thing?

Queen reunion with Free's singer leaves us pining for Freddie''


''Return of the Champions''

(Hollywood Records)

''Call it the oddest match of the year: Queen's guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, and Paul Rodgers, the ex-singer from Free and Bad Company.''

''Recently, the trio came together for a tour of Europe and their U.K. homeland. On Oct. 16, they'll bring their show to the Meadowlands in New Jersey.''

''Anyone who wants an early earful can listen to this double live CD, recorded at the group's date in Sheffield, England, in early May.''

''Naturally, no one in the band, or the audience, expects Rodgers to fill the glittery shoes of Queen's departed singer Freddie Mercury. Presumably that's why they gave the act its odd mathematical billing (Queen plus Paul Rodgers). But it's impossible to hear the album and not play a game of compare and contrast.''

''Rodgers doesn't lack for vocal oomph. He's got all the punch he needs for songs like ''Tie Your Mother Down'' and ''We Will Rock You.'' But his macho voice lacks the theatricality, range and especially the humor of La Mercury. When Rodgers performs ''I Want to Break Free,'' it's just another excuse to strut. When Freddie pranced through the song, it became a camp comment on coming out.''

''As sexy and strong as Rodgers' vocals may be, they're always literal-minded. And that robs Queen's songs of their nuance, not to mention many IQ points. To Rodgers, it's all '70s boogie-rock.''

''The album's length reflects that era and attitude. At 27 songs, it's an epic, complete with drum solo and guitar cadenza.''

''The set does have some moments. Taylor brings real feeling to his vocals on songs like ''Radio Ga Ga'' and '''39.'' Would that he sang more. It's also nice that Rodgers does two Free songs, including a terrific fast take on ''All Right Now'' (though we could do without the two numb Bad Company numbers).''

''May and Taylor (buttressed by a hired bassist in for John Deacon) also rock hard. But I can't help but feel that the world would be better off with a reunion of Rodgers and the other surviving members of Free. Unlike Queen, they're undersaluted, and fully deserve the high exposure this group already has.''

''Originally published on September 11, 2005''


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