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Added on 29-Aug-2005

New York Daily News Takes Swipe At ''Return Of The Champions'' CDThe August 28, 2005 edition of the New York Daily News published their guide to the upcoming USA CD releases from present through December 2005. They took a swipe at ''Return Of The Champions''. Here's the preview from the introductory article and also from the review. I want to make clear, that anything you see in....all exactly as it was published in the NY Daily News.

Page 15 ''Hitting A Fever Pitch-This season's deluge of CD's will test mettle and take risks.'' By Jim Farber

''Another major British brand name, Queen, will return to the record bins for the first time since the death of icon Freddie Mercury in 1991 with a live album from a recent tour. Bassist John Deacon didn't deign to tag along. But that didn't stop guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor from hiring a stand in, or from recruiting as their vocalist the very un-Mercury-like Paul Rodgers of Free and Bad Company fame. Am I the only one who gets no image when trying to picture mucho macho Rodgers sqealing through ''Bohemian Rhapsody?''

Page 17 Review of ''Return Of The Champions'' Release date September 13, 2005

''Queen+Paul Rodgers ''Return Of The Champions''

''Older fans may not appreciate this album's title, since only half the champions have returned. Personally, I'm inrigued by the group's mathematical billing. I guess that's their way of screaming: stand in singer Paul Rodgers IS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE Freddie Mercury. Either way, this CD wins this fall's curiosity award, hands down.''

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