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Added on 03-Aug-2005

Nice Article: Mig Singing WWRY On ''Rock Star: INXS'' From has a nice article about ''Rock Star INXS'' and last night's episode with Mig singing WWRY. Here's the excerpt.

''The rockers on RockStar: INXS all kicked up their game a notch tonight. I'm having a hard time choosing who to place at the top of the pile tonight, let alone the bottom. At this point in the show, personality and stage presence is going to start figuring into the decision greatly, at least with all of the rockers singing so well.''

''Mig Ayesa got the crowd up and singing with ''We Will Rock You,'' the classic Queen song. It was great that he did the song as himself, rather than trying to be Freddie Mercury. It was an absolutely wonderful version of the song. Dave Navarro, naturally, commented first on Mig's look (which speaks volumes on Dave's sexual preference). Dave also liked how Mig interacted with the band. Tim Farriss commented that Brian May and the rest of Queen would be very happy with what Mig did with the song after what JD did to ''We are the Champions'' last week.''

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